A few months ago, I received an email from one of my favorite design-y retailers. There was this teak wood chair with the coolest modern lines. We were planning a trip to Bulgaria, so purchasing the chair was out of the question, and making it could be a possibility — at a later date. I emailed a screenshot of the chair to myself and saved it for later… So in mid October I revisited the email I had sent to myself and got to work designing my version of the piece.

We would need two chairs for our balcony, but I was missing a few centimeters of wood, so I changed plans mid-project and decided to make a love seat instead. See photos below:


I bought some of the wood from a lumber yard. Some of the wood was sourced from recycled pallet wood. The legs are from a local hardware store, and the cushions are from Ikea. It’s a nice sturdy love seat, and it’s perfect for my balcony in Varna!