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We honestly couldn’t create a category for each and every form of creative work we do or have done. But just give us a holler and see what we say.  Being an in-house creative team for over 8 years together helped us to build a wide repertoire of skills, which we’ve continued to build on since going Freelance in 2010. Video and sound editing – done that. Robotics programming -done that. Vinyl Vehicle Graphics design and installation – did that. LED lighting circuit design integrated with Graphic Signs… yes, did that too. This is in addition to Professional Photography, Fine Art, and Creative Support Services. Okay – we may not specialize in all of the above specific fields, true, but we’re problem solvers, and we are driven to take ownership of our projects and bring each one from concept to completion.


She does mostly the creative side of things, but isn’t afraid to get technical. Her experience includes work with paint, markers, pencil, pastels, wire, wood, and clay – physical Arts, and Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and WordPress – Computer Arts. Her out-of-box approach to design has brought to the team an original viewpoint and creativity that is tempered with logic and, of course Jon.


He is mostly Tech, but knowing how to use a tool can bring the freedom to make it create.  Jon can approach any device and (within seconds) know how to use it. Can a Sushi Chef handle a knife? Jon can make quick work of electronics. His skills include physical Arts as well as an innumerable list of Creative programs – from Illustrator to Flexi-Sign. He has a keen eye and excellent sense for contrasts. As a team, the best work is produced with Jon’s technical finesse coupled with Liz’s juicy creativity.

*Wondering who composed this page? Jon gives all the credit to Liz.