Magento / – Abandoned Cart Report Broken

I updated a site to this past week and the Abandoned Cart report just went blank. It turns out to be a bug in the core code that requires a middle initial. 

How to fix the Broken Abandoned Cart Report

You will find the issue in this file:


About line #209 – Change the “->joinInner(” to “->joinLeft(”

                array('cust_mname' => $attrMiddlenameTableName),
                implode(' AND ', array(
                    'cust_mname.entity_id = main_table.customer_id',
                    $adapter->quoteInto('cust_mname.attribute_id = ?', (int) $attrMiddlenameId),
                array('middlename' => 'cust_mname.value')

All done. Clear your cache and reload the report. It should populate now.
If the issue pops up again you may need to change the customer table to default to NULL on the middle name row.


Yahoo Security Breach – won’t update passwords

If you have been hearing about the email account breach and changed your password – great! 

WARNING – If you have an account and you stepped through the uVerse/ account password change your password has NOT been updated at Log In

A little Test

To verify your password was changed or not changed follow these steps:

  1. [Log into – change your account password (redirected through site)]
  2. [Log out and back into – verify that your new password is set and enforced at Your yahoo/att email is accessed here via new password.]
  3. [Navigate to – log in with old password. Success. You can still access your yahoo email via your old account password. This is not good.]

Yahoo - login

If the password was in fact updated you should not be able to log into directly with your old password.

Use the images above to remind yourself that you are logging into or directly.

What is going on?

Well it appears that the password and account update that should be sending to just isn’t happening. never gets the message that you now have a new password and goes along letting you continue to log in with your old one.

What is & doing? Will they fix it?

Bug reports were submitted last month. The only response was “we will inform the team.” 

We have yet to see anything change and millions of users could still think they are secure when in fact they are not.

So far it looks like neither company is doing anything.

OK, what Should I Do?

Leave Simple and straightforward. 

Setup a account and use the internal account migration tools to get your data off

Delete your yahoo account info and close up shop. They have been extremely slow in even acknowledging the initial data breach and I suspect they will be even slower in fixing this issue.



Force your Windows 10 Anniversary update

Maybe you are really wanting to use the new Start menu that actually shows all your programs by default or looking forward to the updated integrations and assistive technology enhancements. But your windows update just does not show the update as available yet… well you can trigger the update by using a free tool from Microsoft.

Here’s how to start you upgrade now…

Windows 10 update tool

How does the new update look?

After about 40min and a few reboots you will have a new start menu, new notification area, no more wifi sharing (junk), and an overall refreshed interface. Lots of half completed stuff still. Many menus still are using the old interface design but more has been moved over to the new metro design.

Windows 10 1607 updated start menu Windows 10 1607 calendar integration

Windows 10 Update – New Cumulative KB3124263 Available Now

Crash your PC

Just click here – I know it is so tempting. BUT Do you trust what will happen next?
I did. And this is what happened….

– Don’t worry Microsoft will break it good this time. No SafeMode, no automatic repair, oh and SFC won’t help either. You’ll have to run that reset install and lose all of your programs. And I tried the bcdedit to force it back to WIndows 7 realm of safemode selection. bcdedit with legacy mode set- Did not help. Safemode was AWAL.

Yeah I tried this: bcdedit /set “{current}” bootmenupolicy legacy. And I got a text menu letting me select the Safemode – but it still did not boot me to a usable interface.

 bcdedit with legacy mode set – Did not help. Safemode was AWAL.
thread exception not handled windows 10

The command line – CLI – did work – But the oh so helpful BSOD error targeted no driver. hmm maybe it realy wasn’t a driver as I’m typing right now using the same PC post reset with the same drivers. Windows update your the blame.

Ugh. Windows 10 you have worked for me for 6 months. You haven’t failed yet. I don’t have an NVidia card and did not get a boot loop until today.
How about testing this thing first.
Oh right, I forgot. We clicked the ‘Yes I want Windows 10 Free – You may use me as a lab rat” button.


Microsoft – your days are numbered.



Click below and read the full “change log” that MS refuses to publish.
See full story on Windows 10 New Cumulative Update KB3124263 Available Now

hmm, I guess the real story behind this mess is that I keep a few Home installs of Windows 10 around to play a bit closer to the fire than the Pro versions. These windows 10 home installs get updates sooner to “test” them for the businesses that eventually rely on it. The same businesses I work to support. So in the end I will have experienced first hand the mess Microsoft creates before it impacts my customers.

October in Minnesota

October 16th, 2015. It was the third Thursday of the month, and my friend tells me that the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum has free entry! We wrapped up our freelance projects for the day and headed out with the Nikon to document some of the Fall colors. Our old Landlord says they’re so bright, “You wouldn’t even paint your living room with those colors!”.  Most Minnesotans will tell you how beautiful the Fall is in this place. It’s a farewell kiss to the lovely mild weather and a climactic entry to the cold Winter months ahead. Enjoy the photos:

How to Download Windows 10 Now

Has Windows 10 Update skipped you?


You can manually download it using the Microsoft Windows 10 Media Creation Tool.

Just download the 32 or 64 bit version depending on your current version of Windows. You can find that by pressing ‘Windows’ + ‘pause/break.’ This will also have the effect of “skipping to the front of the line” bypassing all those other computers waiting for Windows Update to finally down load the install.


You can either install/upgrade the existing system, burn a DVD, or create a USB install drive for all your other machines.

Save your bandwidth – download once and share.

Reprofiler – A tool for manipulating user profiles on Windows

Save your user’s data and correct the widows goof. Saves the day from SID/profile errors.

Reprofiler offers a quick and easy way to see which profile is associated with which user. If a problem is evident, it then provides an intuitive and straightforward means of correcting the profile ownership.


Curated from Reprofiler – A tool for manipulating user profiles on Windows


User Profile Folder – Change User Account Folder Name

Have a new user or need to migrate a user profile and need to change the folder name? Find the reg value and swap in a new name. Follow up with iCacls and recursively reset the permissions. Now you have a new user folder and no user info lost…

This will show you how to change your account name and change the user profile folder name of any user account, including the built-in Administrator account (if enabled), in Windows 7 without losing anything in that user account. This will affect the user account’s name for the C:Users(user-name)folder, Start Menu, Log on screen, Welcome screen, security permissions, etc……


Curated from User Profile Folder – Change User Account Folder Name


Making Ice Cream in Minnesota

On Tuesday the temp outside was registering at -5 Fahrenheit by 10pm in our lovely St.Paul,IMG_20141230_223123_518 Minnesota. So, with that frosty weather, good ideas are few and far between. Enter the BRIGHT IDEA: Attempt to Make Ice Cream Outside — without added ice.

Bright Idea, but our Ice Cream maker is missing the bucket. After a trip to Target, we found a plastic trash pail that would fit, but not a metal one. Metal would have been better…







At approximately 11:45pm we set our first ice cream mix was set outside in our modified ice IMG_20141230_233038_360cream maker / trash can. Rum Raisin. We had hopes that the below freezing, below zero weather would make a perfect batch of frozen confection within  20 – 30 minutes. After an hour and a half we decided to call it a night. We spooned our slushy mixture into an airtight container to be surrendered to the freezer in our kitchen and went to bed.

Yesterday, our weather outside warmed up to 15 Fahrenheit,  but in our excitement the previous day, we’d mixed up four – yes 4 – different flavors of creams to be churned. Jon decided to put the Ice Cream Maker IMG_20150101_202009_540INTO THE FREEZER! […] Um, to my surprise, it did kinda work. It takes about 3 hours per batch.

Tonight, we dined on a custom made Banana Split… mmm! ( Flavors we made: Chocolate Brownie, Rum Raisin, Strawberry Jelly, Caramel Ginger Bread Latte).